Top 3 Pedestal Fans in India 2021

 How to choose the best Pedestal Fans
It is a hard task to find a best pedestal fan from hundreds of brands available in the market. Before buying a Pedestal Fan we should ensure certain criteria or features on that product for a worth buying. Let’s find what are they!
⤘ Most important thing we need to consider how many blades are included in the fan. 5 blade fans are the best. 3 and 4 blade fans can be consider. But do not opt for 2 blade fans they are out of date.
⤘ You must ensure the speed settings 3 – 5 in your pedestal fans
⤘ It is important to get a deep sleep at night so noise level of the fan must be considered. You can opt a minimum noise level fans.
⤘ Fan should deliver air in multiple directions so sweep function should be available in your Pedestal Fans.
⤘ You should clean the fan on a regular basis to avoid dust issues.  So you must ensure your fan comes with removable grills for easy cleaning.
⤘ If you want to control your fan with a remote, definitely you should opt a fan with remote control
Usha Mist Air ICY with Remote (5 Blades)
⟿ 5 aerodynamically designed blades
⟿ 3 intelligent Wind modes
⟿ Remote Control
⟿ Sleep Timer to control the fan’s running hours
⟿ Thermal overload protection
⟿ 2 years warranty
ORIENT Electric Wind Pro Pedestal Fan
⟹ 5 Blades provides extra high air
⟹ Thermal Overload Protection
⟹ 3 Speed modes
⟹ Telescoping arrangement for adjusting its height
⟹ 2 years warranty
⟹ CTX (concentric winding)Technology


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