Top 2 Air Coolers in India 2021

If AC is not affordable then you have another best option that is air cooler. Air Cooler keeps you cool and comfortable in the summer. Lot of air coolers are available in the market but we can’t blindly buy anyone. Two types of air coolers are available personal air cooler and desert air cooler. Personal air cooler is best for a small size room. Desert air cooler can easily give cool breeze to a medium and large size rooms.

 Points to be considered before buying an Air Cooler 

⇒ Air Cooler with 130-230 watts can deliver good breeze and cool. (We don’t recommend above             230 watts even though it can deliver high air because it will increase your electricity consumption)
⇒ Cooling pad should be Honeycomb (In case of Woodwall pad, you will have to replace it within 3        to 6 months)
⇒ For a small room personal air cooler is best
⇒ For a medium to large size rooms desert air cooler is best.

Crompton Ozon 75 Litres Desert Air Cooler
⇰ Power: 190 Watts; Operating voltage: 230 V
⇰ Honeycomb cooling pad
⇰ Energy efficient
⇰ Air speed control
⇰ Capacity 75 litres, best for room size upto 550 sqft.
⇰ Castor wheels for easy movement
⇰ Warranty 1 year




⥨ 3 way speed control, 4 way air deflection, Quite Performance
⥨ Castor wheels have been provided for ease of movements
⥨ 3 side cooling pad for enhanced performance
⥨ Easily removable pads, honeycomb cooling media
⥨ Suitable for different climates and geographical locations
⥨ Super air delivery
⥨ Hexacool Technology
⥨ 36 liter water tank
⥨ Powerful air through
⥨ Turbofan technology


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