Best Refrigerators in India 2022

Before buying a refrigerator you should consider your kitchen space, number of family members, which kind of food your family prefers (ie. you need more space for pizzas, cookie, drinks or veggie). You should fix the size and storage space by considering all these factors. Unlike other kitchen appliances, refrigerator continuously works 24 hours so energy consumption will be high. So you should consider star rating also. 5 star rated refrigerator is the best. 
How to find the capacity of a fridge?
Capacity of a fridge is measured in liter. Let’s calculate its capacity.
Height x Width x Length / 1000
Length = 50cm
Width  = 40cm
Height = 100cm
100 x 50 x 40 =2,00,000
2,00,000/1000=200 L
Single / Double Door is the best?
Double door helps to save energy as we can open only freezer compartment or only chiller compartment whenever we need. Smell of fish or meet will not be spread to chiller compartment.
We should go for latest technology refrigerator 

Latest technology is inverter technology it saves energy thereby money.

Whirlpool 200L 5 Star Inverter Single Door Refrigerator


  • Intellisense Inverter Technology
  • Number 1 in ice making
  • 12 hours of cooling retention even during power cuts
  • 5 star rating on energy consumption
  • Warranty: 10 years on compressor, 1 year on product
  • Insulated Capillary Technology helps for better cooling and better compressor efficiency
  • Honeycomb moisture lock crisper cover


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